Syringoma Cream

A lot of readers from the Philippines are asking where to buy syringoma removal creams. To make things easy, a local product from the Philippines is available called DeSyringoma from RCC Amazing Touch which I’ve already mentioned before.  Their product description is simple: ‘DeSyringoma is a topically-applied herbal cream preparation for the treatment and removal of syringoma, milia, molluscum contagiosum, fat deposits and other tiny papules effectively, and relatively painless without surgery.’

The company’s website accepts orders even abroad; there are pretty good testimonials about the company’s other products such as the DeMole and DeWart but none are available yet specifically for DeSyringoma. They also put up a demo video and I especially love it because it’s so easy to understand and it emphasizes the key point of application of the cream which is: DO NOT PUT IT ON SURROUNDING SKIN. Think of it as a very potent chemical that can burn through normal skin. Okay, that wasn’t meant to scare the potential customers; I’m simply saying that anyone who wants to use it should be very careful and follow instructions carefully. Oh and by the way, before heading off to buy it; I am actually not sure if non-doctors can purchase this. A picture of the product says ‘for authorized medical doctors use only’. But go ahead and try getting it; I guess it’s worth the try anyway.

The kit contains 0.05 grams of single-use pack of DeSyringoma herbal cream preparation. The kit actually looks neat.

amazing touch

You can visit their website to get more information.

Anyone already tried it? Feel free to comment and review 🙂


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