Large Pores

by Dr. Blight on April 23, 2012

One thing that contributes to an old-looking skin is having large pores. When you were younger, your skin including the pores is tight and this makes a smoother complexion. However, as years pass by, dirt and free radicals accumulate and age your skin; you start losing skin elasticity and your pores just go big. So what can you do to stop this? The best way is to have a good skin care regimen and don’t forget that the pores should be part of it.

How did you get large pores in the first place?

The sebaceous gland activity has lots of things to do with the enlarging of the pores, especially in the nose area. It starts with dirt and dead skin cells surrounding the pores; they build up and block the oil duct, a passageway to the top of the skin, and decrease the amount of oil secreted. This makes the sebaceous gland react by secreting more oil, thinking it has to compensate for the lack of moisture of the skin overlying it. And because the duct is still blocked, more oil secreted only means more blockage; this leads to dilation of the duct and the pore becomes stretched and enlarges as well.


While it is in no way serious, many people seek treatment for their large pores because they are aesthetically displeasing. The mainstay of treating large pores is, of course, simply taking the time and making sure your pore