Body Balm for Spring

For readers in the western part of the world, spring has come! And nothing reminds you more of spring than pastel colors—which is what attracted me first when I saw the H2O+ Agave Mist Moisturizing Body Balm. Its pastel green color made me want to try it out and the fresh scent made me buy it. It just smells so fresh and dewy—like a rainforest—that I had to get it!

agave big

This body balm contains a lot of wonderful ingredients like rice oil, Iceland moss, watercress, cucumber, and blue agave. It also has allantoin which is a skin protectant plus other moisturizing agents like shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E.


This product would be ideal for cold dry weathers and it gets absorbed really fast, leaving that relaxing scent on your skin. It also works well in tropical climates, despite the humidity. Just apply it after shower, wait to dry, and let this soothing body balm lift your spirits every morning and night!



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