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The Best Clarifying Shampoo

summer sand

The summer heat is on! And I’m sure you’ve got everything packed for that great summer getaway—the hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, and even some cute flip flops.  But before you get carried away, make sure you also have everything you need to remain fresh! With the intense heat of the sun, oil production gets cranked …

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Hair Loss and Dandruff


People with itchy scalp usually think scratching their heads will sooner or later get rid of the white flakes. But doing that will only aggravate things; for one, your scalp will keep producing skin and yes, that’s what you’re scratching away. And as a result of your continuous scratching, your scalp gets thinner and thinner …

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Minoxidil for Hair Loss


Gone are the days when you have to wear a wig just to cover up a missing patch of hair on your head. And don’t even think of doing a comb over! Initially used as an oral anti-hypertensive, minoxidil has been discovered to be more effective as a hair grower and its topical form, seen …

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