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5 Reasons Why You Need This Eyeliner


Seeing a woman with running or smudged makeup is quite unsightly—unless they’re acting in a drama, in that case, a teary messy look is necessary. But for most of us ordinary people, a weather proof makeup is essential to keep us from wasting time doing touch-ups. One very important part of our makeup is the …

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Eyelash Growth Products

dr lash

Want longer lashes without the hassle of using mascara? If yes, then I’m sure you’ve thought of using latanoprost. If you’ll ask your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, they’ll tell you it’s a drug that was originally used to treat glaucoma by facilitating the outflow of fluid in the uveoscleral tract. It is actually a prostaglandin …

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Eyebrows 101


Defining Your Eyebrows Women tend to neglect the eyebrows and focus instead on eye, lip and cheek make-up. Nowadays this has changed. The eyebrow provides a look with an overall feel and finish. It defines a look—whether it’s a mature or baby-face style of make-up or any other style you wish to recreate.   Thick …

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