Carbon Dioxide Laser for Syringoma

by Dr. Blight on March 18, 2013

Since many of the readers are interested in syringoma, mainly its treatment, I decided to add articles about the different therapies used and their effectivity starting with CO2 laser. This article shows what CO2 laser can do for syringomas.

Let’s start with a study done using 10 patients. Basically this showed very good results. Here, a high energy, scanned carbon dioxide laser was used with the settings of 5 watts, 0.2 second scan time, and 3mm spot size. Patients had their syringoma around the eyes treated and the results were evaluated by both physicians and patients. Including patients as evaluators is extremely important because they are the better judges of the improvement seen. This evaluation was done over a long time—1-24 months. Results showed that all 10 patients were successfully treated and they remained syringoma-free during the evaluation period. The most common side effect from the laser is erythema or reddening of the treated skin and good news is that there was no scarring. The authors then concluded that CO2 laser is a ‘dependable, safe and non-scarring’ method for treatment of syringoma.

Another study used CO2 laser with multiple drilling method. Eleven patients participated and this time evaluation was made with pre- and post-laser photos. All patients had good results and no scars, erythema or pigmentary changes were noted.

Laser seems to be very effective and further proof is its use in cases of refractory familial syringoma. The pa