Body Balm for Spring

For readers in the western part of the world, spring has come! And nothing reminds you more of spring than pastel colors—which is what attracted me first when I saw the H2O+ Agave Mist Moisturizing Body Balm. Its pastel green color made me want to try it out and the fresh scent made me buy it. It just smells so fresh and dewy—like a rainforest—that I had to get it!

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This body balm contains a lot of wonderful ingredients like rice oil, Iceland moss, watercress, cucumber, and blue agave. It also has allantoin which is a skin protectant plus other moisturizing agents like shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E.


This product would be ideal for cold dry weathers and it gets absorbed really fast, leaving that relaxing scent on your skin. It also works well in tropical climates, despite the humidity. Just apply it after shower, wait to dry, and let this soothing body balm lift your spirits every morning and night!


The Best Clarifying Shampoo

The summer heat is on! And I’m sure you’ve got everything packed for that great summer getaway—the hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, and even some cute flip flops.  But before you get carried away, make sure you also have everything you need to remain fresh!

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With the intense heat of the sun, oil production gets cranked up and it can gather between hair strands. Add some dust, sweat, and dead skin cells and you got a pretty clumpy and oily mess of a mane. Yuck.

So my solution to this is—and I’ve mentioned this before in my other post—the clarifying shampoo. The brand that I’ve stuck with ever since is Suave Naturals. It’s called Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo. You can get it at different sizes, too.


I’ve tried the Neutrogena Anti-Residue Formula Shampoo before; which is basically the same as a clarifying shampoo. Both brands are good, by the way. But with the price, I feel I get more shampoo with Suave than Neutrogena.


I got the family size Suave Naturals daily clarifying shampoo since I use it almost daily and it was amazing! Days to weeks of shampoo residue and heaviness were gone right after I used it. It just feels like a reset button for your hair so that it’s ready to take on whatever product or other shampoo you want to use next. Oh, and it smells fresh too!


This is a definite must-have in your shower and travel bag! So better get one before you hit the beach and start feeling fresh all day!

5 Reasons Why You Need This Eyeliner

Seeing a woman with running or smudged makeup is quite unsightly—unless they’re acting in a drama, in that case, a teary messy look is necessary. But for most of us ordinary people, a weather proof makeup is essential to keep us from wasting time doing touch-ups.

One very important part of our makeup is the eyeliner. After trying multiple waterproof products, I found out they eventually smudged anyway.  To cut to the chase, I tried this wonderful gel-type waterproof eyeliner that glides as smooth as silk. It’s from Tony Moly (a South Korean brand) and it’s called Perfect Eyes Gel Fit Waterproof Liner.


Here are the 5 reasons to love this liner!

Reason # 1: It’s GEL! I love this fact because it means it’s really easy to apply and it doesn’t hurt when you attempt to spread it across your eyelid like other pencils.

Reason # 2: Built-in tools! This eyeliner comes in a twist-type container and pencils of this type cannot be sharpened right? Well, this smart eyeliner comes with a sharpener too. It’s a cone-shaped plastic tool that will give you that defined eyeliner you want.



Plus it also has a sponge tip you can use—when the liner hasn’t dried yet—to create a sort of smoky look. I have to tell you this eyeliner dries rather fast so work as quick as you can if you want to smudge it.

Reason # 3: When dry, it doesn’t show a sign of scattering anywhere no matter how many times you blink per second. This is important especially for monolids whose eyelids typically swallow up eyeliners. I also tried rubbing it with my finger but nothing happened. This is also perfect for people living in tropical or humid areas where moisture frequently beats our make up.

Reason # 4: It’s available in more than 10 different shades to complement your skin and eye color.  You can get it from all shades of brown to black to even pink!

Reason # 5: It’s very affordable!

And there you have it! My five reasons why you have to have to this eyeliner. I have no regrets buying this product.

Feel free to leave your comments!


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