Which Moisturizer is for you?

Moisturizing is part of a girl’s daily skin care regimen, but choosing the right type is also as vital as doing it. Moisturizers come in different forms including creams, lotions, and serums; but the more important thing to note is their base. Among these, the most common forms are oil-based versus water based.

Oil-based moisturizers are thicker, provide a sealing effect over the skin and are very good for people who have extremely dry skin. For people needing a medicated type of moisturizer, this is also better as the skin favors lipids and evaporation is slower thus giving the medicine more time to sink in. Harsh weather like winter also spells the need for heavier creams and lotions in order to protect against cold winds and skin burns.

Water-based moisturizers are light, thin and provide an airy feel to the skin, allowing it to breathe. They are good for people with oily, normal or combination skin. By using this type of moisturizer, consumers will avoid the sticky sensation left by oil-based ones. Best season to use? All except winter.  This is perfect for summer, autumn and spring but will not be sufficient for winter’s skin-drying effect.

aloe gel

Recently, I have tried this gel-based moisturizer with Aloe vera. The Nature Republic brand from South Korea is very popular and has received a lot of love from users all over the world so I thought I’d give it a shot and go get it once I have time off from the hospital. To my surprise the 300 ml product (which is quite big) is cheaper than an eyebrow gel or a small blusher. It smells very mildly citrusy and isn’t heady like Aloe vera lotions. When applied, it feels very cool and light; as it dries you will not feel its weight on your face. It feels as light as water actually. The catch? The Aloe vera gel’s moisturizing effect is not as long as other products; it is ideal as a day moisturizer but perhaps you can use other heavier creams at night. Overall, I loved this product and it’s going on my list of essential beauty products.

As a last pointer, when choosing a moisturizing, look for additional ingredients such as light perfume, antioxidants, plant extracts, collagen, vitamin beads, etc assuming you have no allergies to these. These will give you more benefits in one and whatever type of moisturizer you wish to buy, make sure to try it on your skin first. These things don’t come cheap nowadays and it’s important you choose one suitable to your sense of smell and touch–your best moisturizer. That way, you’ll be sure to use it every day. Have fun in getting your moisturizer!

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