Notice tiny solid skin bumps under your eyes? No, it’s not acne or whiteheads. It’s called syringoma. It sounds intimidating especially since it ends with ‘-oma’ suggesting its tumor-like nature. So is it actually a tumor? Well I’d like to say no but it really is a kind of tumor.


What is syringoma?

Syringomas are benign tumors of eccrine origin commonly found around (usually below) the eyes . The sweat glands around the eyes are the common sites of transformation into syringoma but the eruptive type of syringoma may involve several parts of the body.

So how do you treat syringoma?

Treatments for syringoma include using creams or having the dermatologist do any of the following:

Excision: the dermatologist will use a small scalpel to cut and take out the syringoma one by one. This might take a long time and may hurt especially if it is deep which is why anesthesia is sometimes needed.

Electrodessication and curettage: electrodessication means ‘burning’ the area using electric current and the curettage part simply means that the syringoma will be scraped down. The 2 techniques will be repeated alternately until the doctor is satisfied that the syringoma plus a little of the normal skin area is clear.

Dermabrasion: this is a milder form of scraping; doctors may use diamond-tipped pens to abrade the surface of the syringoma until it looks flat.

CO2 laser: the laser kills tumor cells. Application of 50% trichloroacetic acid may be done after the laser; this was said to be effective for removing deep-seated syringoma cells and for reducing the side effects like scarring.

What’s difficult with the treatment of syringoma is that they recur or scars form after treatment. In one study, the CO2 laser was used and results were successful; there were no recurrences within 2 years after therapy and there was no scarring. However, physicians report that the side effect included prolonged reddening of the treatment site and repeat sessions were sometimes needed. CO2 laser treatment is quite costly but its safe, long effect and non-scarring qualities make it a good choice over other treatments.

In another study, electrodessication—in short bursts and low voltage—was used to treat a patient. It turned out to be as effective as the CO2 laser in terms of having no recurrence in 2 years but this study was only done on 1 patient. Plus this method is invasive and requires a needle insertion into the reticular dermis. It is also safe, non-scarring but in comparison with CO2 laser, this one’s quite painful and not recommended for people with low tolerance to pain.

Creams are also available for syringoma. The typical treatment involves retinol which resurfaces your skin. But some products lump the treatment together with warts and moles so that their creams would say ‘wart-mole-syringoma’ remover. I have not personally used these creams and don’t know the ingredients but from videos available over the net, these creams are powerful and sometimes dangerous. They can get deep into the skin and within a few weeks, your wart, mole or syringoma will just drop or peel off. That’s after enduring a few days of hiding from people because your wart/mole/syringoma will get darker. The creams are effective but they may also leave scars.

Well, it’s still best if the real users would testify to the syringoma creams and actually there are some good customer reviews online for some creams. Whatever the brands or clinics you use or go to, what’s important is that careful usage is needed to avoid the unwanted adverse effects of any of these treatments. With time, I’m sure you’ll find the right solution to your syringoma.


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    • Dr. Blight says:

      It’s actually easy to just have it cauterized by the dermatologists but you’ll show up the next day to work or school with tiny burn marks on your face which can be embarassing. So the easiest way are the creams that are also used for warts and moles; it’s available in kits and the tiny bumps (whether warts, moles, syringoma) just fall off after a few days. But again, syringoma can return; but it doesn’t mean you should just forget treatment.

        • Dr. Blight says:

          unfortunately yes. But as I usually say, you shouldn’t stop treating something just because it comes back after some time. It’s a chronic condition.

          • cristina says:

            I am working on the ship is it possibly to use the cream and while working it cant be irritated because of the dust i must say that i am going through..

          • Dr. Blight says:

            Hi Cristina, I haven’t heard of an absolute contraindication to using the cream but you should just take extra precaution. If you’re going to use the cream, make sure you go to work with a patch to cover the spot or wear sunblock or a hat to cover your face from the sun. Please visit a dermatologist first to confirm if you really have syringoma because a lot of other diseases will mimic its appearance. Different skin conditions have different best treatments so please be careful! 🙂

      • Jocelyn Wise says:

        i had my syringoma cauterized by a dermatologist many times, been doing this cauterization thing for like 15 years already but unfortunately it keeps coming back, it really takes a lot of pain to be beautiful esp. pain in the pocket, getting tired, wish there will be a magic cream for it to work on me Dr. Blight.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi, mharz. Well, there’s Naturalis Syringoma Treatment, Pristine Herbal Touch’s Wart and Mole Vanish and Nevi-Skin. I know there are more brands out there but if you have trouble buying them, I’m sure dermatologists have them all the time. Anyways, if you find a removal cream for moles, one application is usually enough for syringomas because they’re shallower.

        • Saniek says:

          hi dr,

          I was wondering, is there any health steps that one can take that can improve the health of the sweat ducts and may prevent or heal the syringomas in the long run?
          I have it under my eyes. I got it at 27 a while after having my first born whom I breast fed. During this time I also consumed relatively large amounts of soy proteien. I am also a bit lactose and insolin intolerant.
          I really hope that there will be more information regarding this condition.
          Thank you for all this info!

          South Africa

          • Dr. Blight says:

            Hi Saniek, thanks for your question. There is a type of syringoma associated with diabetes and high progesterone secretion which I thought of when you mentioned your insulin intolerance and current breastfeeding status. This is the clear cell syringoma; however there are VERY few cases of this and we cannot be definite that your syringoma is actually caused by your current diet/disease/breastfeeding. Well, with breastfeeding, if you are still doing it now, I shouldn’t stop you because of the benefits it has for your child. But if you’re done with breastfeeding, then that means progesterone isn’t that high anymore so we’re not expecting a lot of flaring of syringoma. This leaves us with diet. What I can advice is to change your diet a bit. There isn’t a clear cut connection between diet and syringoma but since you identified that you ate a lot of soy at the time, then i suggest you cut it down a bit and observe your skin for several weeks. No certain diet can prevent sweat ducts from turning into syringoma though.

            Other things that can improve your overall skin condition is daily skin cleansing, moisturizing and minimal sun exposure by using a strong sun block. Hope this helped. 🙂

      • cristina says:

        I am working on the ship is it possibly to use the cream and while working it cant be irritated because of the dust i must say that i am going through..

  1. criz says:

    i’ve just had mine cauterized a week ago. it’s still healing. it’s painful but not the kind that would kill you. i only had to tell my dermatologist to stop for awhile in between. i look like i have chicken pox, quite embarrassing but i trust my doctor. she did my two nieces and my sister and they were all satisfied. just what my doctor said, no pain, no gain. just make sure you’re in good hands.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      That is true, Criz. No pain, no gain 🙂 at least the pain was minimal. I’m sure your experience would help others decide on their treatment. Thanks!

    • Jan says:

      I had mine cauterized. I stayed home for almost 2 weeks, didn’t go anywhere until the burns healed. The doctor did a good job. No scars. Of course, now they’re growing back but this time I’m thinking of trying the Nev-Skin treatment instead of cauterization. It wasn’t as painful at all with the cauterization. If I do the cauterization again, I’ll do it around Halloween.

    • allison says:

      Hi, I am looking for a good dr to treat mine. Can you please send me the name of the dr who did your treatments….thanks

  2. Marthe Reformina says:

    I already have my cauterization last April for my syringoma and now it appears again and much manier. what shall i do?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Now that you have more syringoma, it will be more difficult to cauterize them one by one again; and creams are hard to put on the syringoma as well (you’ll have to target them). Well, you can always have someone help you put the cream on:) The best advice would be to try dermabrasion; I’m not sure if you’ve consulted your dermatologist again recently, but he/she can discuss dermabrasion with you or help you decide among the other choices I’ve written in the article. Perhaps you should also take note/record the syringoma locations, that way you’re sure whether they really multiplied.

      • Marietta Escoto says:

        I have problemwith syringoma. I wantto try what isthat cream. I’ve already tried cauterization but Ican’t hold the pain. May you pleaserecommend what isthat effective cream? Please inform me too how much the cream cost. Thank you so much

  3. bikash sahani says:

    there was syringomas present below the both eyelids… it was treated with electrocoagulation in 3 sittings…. but now it is again reoccured…what will be the best option for this.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      If it recurred after electrocoagulation, it doesn’t mean you should change your treatment. You could go again and have it done the same way. But if you had any side effects that you absolutely cannot tolerate, like small temporary scabs, then you could try the creams.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Yes, but there’s no permanent treatment for syringoma. Cauterization and other techniques will take care of it but it will recur later.

  4. Abby says:

    Hello. I had my syringoma cauterized last 3 weeks.
    Some are color pinkish-brown. Is it normal? Will it disappear ?
    & others are gone.
    Is it advisable to undergo peeling solutions /dermabration after 1month of cauterization though some are still pinkish-brown?
    If not, so When ?

    How to get rid of this cauterized marks??

    • Dr. Blight says:

      It sounds like the syringoma wasn’t totally cauterized; if the marks are elevated then perhaps some portions of the sweat gland were left behind. However, it would be nicer if you had a photo of this. Another thing it could be are simple post-cauterization marks, especially if they’re flat. If this is the case, don’t worry, they will heal. Your healing may just have taken longer than usual because of several things: smoking, poor nutrition, lack of rest/sleep, etc…Try taking antioxidants, vitamins or zinc and I hope you don’t smoke?

      Regarding the dermabrasion, I don’t see any contraindication to it. But try to observe for healing after you’ve tried the vitamins/zinc first. If there’s no improvement then you could go for the dermabrasion. Worse case is to expect bleeding from this if the pinkish brown spots are elevated. That’s totally fine because I think it will be easier to extract the syringoma if there’s a small cut (intentionally or not) made on the skin. Again, this will heal.

      Hope this helped, Abby 🙂

  5. david says:

    i had electrodessication done to my syringomas and there were no improvements. do they need to increase the voltage to be effective?

  6. Ivie Oriwoh says:

    I’ve had syringoma for more than 15years now. I read your article and I’m filled with hope. I’m just unfortunate to be in a country where all these methods may not be available. But I would like to ask if total removal of the eccrine sweat glands would help. If so, what’s the disadvantage of doing so? I have a problem with this thing recurring. Its on my face and its as if its spreading. I don’t want to do something dat would leave scars all over my face. Also, someone recommended garlic supplements. Will this help? Please I need help.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi Ivie! Regarding removal of sweat glands, there are many methods available. Perhaps you’re referring to the knife/scalpel removal of syringoma? The disadvantage here is possible scarring. But scars heal overtime and will do so quickly if you’re in relatively good health. Syringomas also recur with the other sweat glands on the face but of course, frequency of recurrence decreases as there are fewer glands left after excision.
      Regarding garlic, there are not much studies on its effects on syringoma but here’s what I found: ‘oral administration of garlic is effective on immunologic properties, cutaneous microcirculation, protection against UVB and cancer treatment. Topical application of garlic extract can potentially be effective on psoriasis, alopecia areata, keloid scar, wound healing, cutaneous corn, viral and fungal infection, leishmaniasis, skin aging and rejuvenation. Clinical effectiveness of oral and topical garlic extract is not sufficiently and meticulously explored as so far.’ (Pazyar N and Feily A 2011. Garlic in dermatology. Dermatology Reports) That’s it. It’s not exactly effective for syringoma but at least it is good for some skin conditions and wound healing. Go ahead and take the supplements 🙂

  7. Kimberly says:

    I have really bad syringoma around my eyes on my neck and chest it was very hard actually figuring out what it was at 1st especially in my country Jamaica where a trip to a dermatologist can be extremely expensive so by time i found out what was really wrong with me the syringomas got so bad because of the heat here. Im just getting treatment and its going well so far but i just wished there was a fund or something to help more ppl who have the disease get treatment even though its considered to be a cosmetic surgery becuz 4 some ppl its almost like your entire face is covered in bumps and alot of ppl with the condition would love 2 have them removed but cannot afford it

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi kimberly. Glad you’re able to start your treatment. I didn’t know dermatologic services are so expensive there 🙁 Well it’s true that it is considered cosmetic surgery for most and that’s because most people don’t get it as bad as your case. Hopefully your skin’s better now? Good luck with the rest of your treatment sessions:)

      • Kimberly says:

        Hey again doctor my syringomas came back in the area that i did my patch test and because of how bad they are the dermatologist basically said that i should leave them alone and try make up because i might have terrible scarring after. She also made it clear that she didnt wanna be responsible for ” Spoiling my face” however i cant just leave them alone i am 18 years old and this really affects my confidence especially when people ask me alot of questions about them DAILY………..DO YOU KNOW OF ANY NATURAL REMEDIES OR ANY GOOD FACE CREAMES???

        • Jess says:

          Hi Kimberly,
          Not sure if you’ve found any remedies yet, I also suffer from syringomas. I was treated by an esthetician with Desyringoma cream here in the USA. It worked but you must be VERY careful as it burns off the syringomas down to the root. You will look terrible for at least 10 days. I had this done 3 months ago and so far I do not see much recurrence, however, I still have some minor scarring that I’m hoping will heal. Although this procedure helped me, it took a long time to heal. I will probably do it again but I am hoping that will not be necessary for a few years. The video below is of a lady who is confident despite her syringomas. I am trying to develop her attitude because as frustrating as syringomas are, there are many worse conditions out there! Hope this helped.

  8. eshen says:

    hi..i just had a syringoma removal almost a month now and im abit worried because of the visibility of the long would it takes to remove the scar or do i still need to do the scar removal tratment?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      No need to undergo scar removal treatment. If you’re a healthy person, it will heal by about 1.5- 2 weeks. Try taking multivitamins to boost healing.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      If you don’t have a dermatologist, maybe you should try to order it online. I’m not sure if there are stores that sell it in the Philippines.

  9. Rob says:

    I’ve had syringoma since I was a baby. I’m 33 now and have never had any treatment for them. It first started spreading around my eyes and neck… Then on the back of my knees, thighs and now arms. It keeps on getting worse and worse and I would like to know if its because I sweat a lot. I would also appreciate any advice as to where I should start because I have several clusters that most creams say to not use them on.

  10. abhishek says:

    I have really bad syringoma around my eyes and it is from my childhood period.
    i went for surgary approx 4 times. it seems good just for few months but again it apears very badly.
    can anyone suggest me how can it remove.

  11. korean 99 says:

    I’m 22 years old female college students is
    Lower abdomen syringoma springing from the baby when he is more prevalent on the neck. In Korea, the cost of the laser treatment method is only too expensive, you can not.
    Increasingly spreading in the body unsightly and pain, but I really would like to die

  12. nenen says:

    i started to notice several bumps under my eyes when i was in high school. sometimes it matures and makes white deposits which i prick with a needle or safety pin. now i’m 37 and the bumps scatters around my eyes and forehead so i went to see a dermatologist. i’ve known that these bumps are syringoma and doc says to spot test it first to see whether it’ll leave a deep scar or not but now that i’ve read about its recurrence in about two years i’m in dilemma whether to go through the treatment or not. is it okey not to have it remove or go through the treatment and pray hard for non-recurrence?

  13. David says:

    I’m had electrodessication done on my syringomas. There were not improvemts. What should I do?? Should they increase the voltage to be effective? Please help!!!!!

  14. ann says:

    i have also a syringoma below of my eyes, it starts when im in college. what is the reason why a person got this syringoma?I’m ashamed to face my me how can i remove this.

  15. ireen cruz says:

    i also hv syringoma and it really affect my social life. they say its in my genes but my sisters dont have this? i want to undergo treatment but i hve my dilemma. but i really to get rid off it.

  16. Pubalee says:

    I have been suffering from Syringoma for more than 20 years now. Initially it couldnot be detected what it is . By the time i started some treatment it was already late. I did catarization about 5 years ago but it has recurred and now i hv them all over my face. I feel very embarassed at times specially in parties when people ask me about it. I wish there is a permanent treatment for this.

  17. eija says:

    hello. I want to ask I have a problem syringoma around my eyes as white spots I’ve made every month of treatment in government hospitals. they use the laser treatment but still to no avail. now I have given up to continue my treatment. the question of whether the problem will go away or syringoma we can only prevent only. and can you recommend a place to treat syringoma in malaysia? and I want to know whether the problem is classified diseased syringoma or cosmetics?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      I think it’s both a cosmetic and pathologic condition. For some, it only bothers them because of how it looks but for others, it can be quite itchy and socially impairing depending on the severity. Im sorry but I’m not really familiar with Malaysian clinics but if you say laser doesn’t work for you, then look for something else. Perhaps cautery or extraction of the syringoma would be better in your case.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      I personally haven’t tried the Naturalis products so I can’t say if it would work. Someone would have to enlighten us here.

      • Miss Clarke says:

        I ordered Naturalis in Feb it took two months before I got it, used it I still have the syringoma’s money wasted.

  18. Bella says:

    I have numerous syringoma in clusters under both eyes that came up in my early teens.

    I havent got rid of them, but I have smoothed them from large bumps to raised patches that are not spreading by putting manuka honey under each eye before I go to sleep.

    Get the highest strength you can ( i got 25 plus) wash your face and massage a drop in. It takes about 6 weeks of persevereance but you can see a difference.

    Its not a miricle cure, but its a pain free natural way to help the look that has no down time. You just feel a bit sticky but you get used too it.

    I have also tried tea tree oil and caster oil, but the strong honey works best. You have to keep doing it for a long time to see a real difference.

    • shin min says:

      hi… where can i buy that manuka honey that you’re using before you go to sleep? is there also such products here in the philippines.? i also wanted to try it although i never had any treatment for my syringoma under my eyes. thanks.

    • E Ginn says:

      Hello Bella

      I am now in my 50s and started with syringoma in my 30s. After hysterectomy about 10 years ago they began to increase. I have them all over my forehead, particularly in the temples, my neck, jawline and upper chest. I read with interest your use of Manuka Honey and have been told that Manukapharm 16+ is good (not sure if it contains a UMF) which is important. I have recently had laser for a few on my neck and the healing time is VERY slow. Have you tried a change in your diet? I was told that dairy is not good. Also do you regularly use the Manuka and has it made a noticeable difference to your syringoma?


  19. Rebecca Johnston says:

    I was wondering if anyone has ever correlated syringomas with hormonal fluctuations? Mine did not appear (neck and lower face) until I had a hysterectomy and I notice them becoming more prominent during days that i add a progesterone cream to my bio-identical estradiol. I have always felt there was a correlation. What does the doc or any others think?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Yes they are under the influence of hormones.In different scientific papers,progesterone receptors are highly expressed in syringomas. However, the role of estrogen is still not clear.

  20. siena Marie says:

    Post cautery my syringoma was reddened for 2 weeks and its still imflammed after 3 looks like that there’s a water inside the scar area. What cream can i apply. thanks

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Don’t worry about the water inside. They’re blisters and they do occur after cautery. There’s no need to apply anything, just make sure to avoid infection. If you are covering it with a gauze or something, make sure to change it frequently. The blisters will dry up in several days to few weeks.

  21. thi says:

    hi dr
    i have so many in my eyelid and 1 under my eyelid ( circle eye) .and its getting biger now. I live in Toronto Canada, do u know any place to do treatment ? thank you so muchb

  22. Kix says:

    Dear Dr. Blight,

    I recently had my syringoma treated 2 days ago. My only worry is that even up to now (my 3rd day) the swelling on my eyes hasnt stopped. Is this normal?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Wait for at least a few more days. How was it treated anyways? Look out for signs of infection like persistent redness, pus and fever. If there aren’t any, you just have to wait it out because it could simply be a side effect.

  23. Lorey says:

    I think I have syringomas under my my eyes been there since my body been changing hormones over the last 10 years. They look just like pimples but very deep and hurts very badly to pop with a needle. I started out with one or two now I have a lot on one eye the other eye is starting with one or two now. They look terrible. I just found out last year I have Breast Cancer. I wonder if that’s what causes the tumors to start in my body. I thought at first it was my make-up breaking me out, so I stop wearing it, but I know it wasn’t that.

    So your saying to everyone these will come back after they go get them laser off. So it must cost a lot of money to do this. I have insurance but with my cancer bills cant afford to do this.

  24. HIMADRI DEVI says:

    I have also suffering from syringoma problems since more than 10 years. 5 years before i have done cauterization with nitrogen gas, but it appears again. Now it increases day by day. I have also pimples problem in my face. I have done many treatments for my skin in Guwahati (ASSAM). But, I have not got any good result.Now I am 27 years old women. I am very frustrated now a days. Can u give me the name and address of any good hospital (within India) with the name of Dermatologist for my treatment.

  25. Delsha says:

    I’am 33years old I just start getting syringoma really bad after 13years later after I had kids, I didn’t have this and if i did it wasn’t noticeable, it does work on your confidence, and there a cream I was going to try on line call wart and mole vanish and it have a treatment for syringoma. But it seems like they got worser after I start to mess with them, it start to spread more so I may just may leave it alone. Someone said apple cidar vinegar is good and witch hazel is good to use for the syringoma.

  26. ian says:

    from the picture seems like that eccrine is too deep under the skin. if that is the case of each syringoma then treatment could be just a temporary solution coz eventually the bump will still form as the eccrine is still there. any medicine or vitamins that can reduce the sweat glands on the face? under the eyes specifically?

    i too had been carrying syrigomas. they start to appear during my senior highschool. around 15 to 16 yrs old. i tried cauterization that time but my pain tolerance is too low so it was not continued. im afraid too coz the device might get into my eyes while the bumps on my eyelids are being cauterized. after that try, i noticed that more bumps appeared. im 33 now and so far i learnt how too live with them. =). but im still hoping that someday, there might be someone out there who can invent an easy to apply medication to remove the bumps. a medication which can be easily bought from a local store anywhere to help those syringoma carriers. its very difficult to have social life having these things. im luck y enough to have a wife who did not look on my physical appearance.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi Ian, I’m glad you’ve managed to live with syringoma. Unfortunately the creams available for syringoma have side effects. They don’t reduce the size of the gland, they just ‘destroy’ the whole space that it is applied to and you’re right, some parts of the gland may remain intact as the creams do not penetrate through and through. But they really still do help. I’m also glad you brought up another choice for people with syringoma–and that is to not touch them. For readers out there, if syringoma is not bothering you at all, you don’t have to touch them. Two reasons–treatment is expensive and they come back. Anyways, thanks for your insight Ian:) Have a nice day.

  27. gwen says:

    Hi. I am 21 years old. Last year I had my syringoma cauterized, but it was just recurring. Anyways, I am from Philippines. Is there any outlet here where I can buy creams for syringoma treatment? Thank you.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      I believe most syringoma creams in the Philippines are dispensed through dermatologists and special distributors. I have found a company website though called RCC Amazing Touch and it seems they have a herbal cream for syringoma called ‘Desyringoma’. They do have stores but I’m not sure if you can just walk in and purchase over the counter because their products says ‘for professional use only’. Anyways, check out their site : Your other option is to order online.

  28. fredo ibit says:

    hello! I got mine cauterized three days ago. it came along with pain but it was tolerable. now i am worried because the wounds that replaced the bumps looks like mini holes in my nose. but they’re not too deep. is it normal? thanks! i’m from the Philippines.

  29. satin says:

    i have lost my lover for this bloody skin condition, lost jobs coz they thought i was a druggie, people dont want to even socialise with me, wqas rejected by airlines for my job, and now i sit home and work online while everyone out there goes about making the most of their lives, i feel so crappy looking at myself in the mirror…………..

  30. Ebi Cossa says:

    I’ve had syringoma for over a decade but suddenly I started to hear that this is treatable with creams, lasers or surgery a dematologist and even a combination of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and CO2 laser which leave no side effects. I don’t believe treatment is available in Mozambique but I realy would like to get started. Any body knows of treatment near by, e.g. In South Africa, Nelspruit, JHB, Pretoria or Durban. Or can I start treatment?


  31. nonie says:

    Accutane decreased the size of my Syringoma! I was treated with Accutane for my acne; I noticed my syringoma under the eyes and arms got smaller , flatter and almost gone. Unfortunately years later (more than five years at least) after I finished my Accutane treatment the syringoma under the eyelids came back; but the ones on the arms never came back. Unfortunately my insurance wouldn’t cover the use of Accutane for syringoma treatment .

  32. Elsa Vasquez says:

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows that name of the cream that can be used to treat Syringomas. I have received 3 laser treatmets, left little scaring and some did go away. But I’ve noticed that its coming back. I’m not due for another MD visit/treatment till January 2014, but mean while I would like to treat with cream. Would that be posible? Please advice

  33. bygail de guzman says:

    I got cauterize 3 times already for a month now and i really kind of anxious wether it will be gone i can still see some dots under my eyes and i dont know if those were scars or not and can anyone answer me if how many weeks or months does it usually takes to heal and if chemical peel is to be recommended after .t

  34. Quiin says:

    Hi. I have syringomas unfortunately when i reached my puberty. Im sixteen yrs old and ive done many sessions in cautery for the past 2 yrs. so i kinda start the session at 14 yrs old but it grows back again after 6 mos or less. I dont wanna have another session again because of the scarring which will probably take 2wks to heal. What cream can you suggest for me? Precisely please. Im from the philippines. I know im really young but im very willing to spend money for removal treatments. But for now, i just wanna know about some creams i can use. Just like the creams you have mentioned that can also remove moles. I need names. Thank you.

  35. Ashlee says:

    Hi! I just want to know if what really are the other cause of having SYRINGOMA aside from genetic? Are their any natural cure for this or is there some food than you should and shouldn’t eat to be able to lessen the growth?

    Thank you for your answer, God Bless!

  36. Megan says:

    I have little tiny white dots that are clustered somewhat together under my eye lid. It appears as though I can squeeze or stretch out the white puff but I don’t dare try..thinking it may cause more harm then help. Saw a dermatogist and he dd say it’s syringoma but I am not sure! I am so nervous about trying to treat this dreadful skin condition. I live in CA and it appears there is a doctor who specialize in Syringoma in Southern California but there is no guarantee it won’t reappear or won’t leave scaring. Here’s is website: There is also a Spa in Arizona that will help you get rid of your Syringoma by applying the herbal cream for you. Here’s the site: I was researching ahead just in case I needed this dreadful skin problem removed.

  37. Lailanie Limpao says:

    Hi dr.

    Im lailanie and currently working here in saudi arabia..ive been suffering from syringoma since high 1st i noticed i only have 1then after 5years some are growing and now its like 10or more…i want to get rid of them..but how many years after the removal will it grows again?and is there any way to prevent it?im having vits.but i really dont know. .i also consulted many dermatology and i even consulted my own dr. (I was a derma nurse for 2 yeras) but its like that they were scared coz it might affect on my skin as a whole.ive noticed also my dr.he treated one of our pt.with 50% tca…please help me…

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Your syringoma can come back in less than a year. I think your doctors don’t want to touch them because scarring IS a complication.If patients can live with syringomas then we basically don’t have to touch them; save treatment for the more severe cases..But then again you can go ahead if you really can’t tolerate their appearance. But I live with the saying, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

  38. Patricia joy dungo says:

    I have syringomas under my eyes. I went to see a dermatologist 2 weeks ago. They said i had to go through cauterization to remove my syringomas. It would take them 3 sessions to completely remove all of it. My first session was done and just last friday i went through the second one but just today 3 of the scabs on my face was peeled off and left a hole on my face! What can i do? Will it stay that way or will it be back to normal and not have any scars nor marks. Please answer! Thank you!

    • Dr. Blight says:

      If the scabs are intentionally peeled off, the skin can still grow to cover the surface evenly. If they naturally fell off and left a hole then the chances of the hole to remain there is higher. Luckily, the hole or depression left on your face was after intentional peeling (right?) so give it a few more days to weeks to heal. It should be back to normal soon.

  39. Patricia Joy Dungo says:

    Hello there Dr. Blight,
    Yes, it was intentionally because right after I washed my face the scabs fell of when I patted my face dry. Maybe I accidentally scraped some of them while washing or maybe the scabs got softer because they were soaked.
    Thank you. It was such a relief to hear that. Anyway, can I apply Contractubex ( on the holes or scars I got from the cauterization? Thanks again!

  40. Ogen says:

    Greeting Dr. Blight,
    Need big help here….having a tough life here…
    I’ll make it direct!
    I’ve syringoma since now I think almost 7-8 years by today,
    Is there any cure?
    I’ve syringoma all over my body, from eyelids off course to neck, chest, stomach and thigh,
    If yes! What’s the best solution from expensive treatment or whether its simi cheap treatment,
    I’m very great full to know about!
    Thanking you.
    With regards.

  41. Tim says:

    Hello Doctor Blight,
    I’m very happy to know that you’re helping each and everyone around here.
    I’m 24 years old and I got syringoma since I’m 17 or 18 years old , i got all around my body, especially under eye, neck, chest, stomach
    Hand and thigh, i guess its spreading now day by day, so therefore is there cure by today?
    I’m really having tough with syringoma life!
    I hope you’ll generously reply.
    Thanking you!

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi the cure available today is temporary. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that. Please try the treatments I have mentioned before; I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that suits your lifestyle the most…and then have it done every now and then. I’m assuming you haven’t tried out treatments before so I think it would be best if you tried seeing a dermatologist first and have your first treatment there. If you do not like the effect then jump to the next treatment and eventually try the at-home removal creams. I wish you will discover the right treatment for you soon. God bless!

  42. Tim says:

    Yes Doc. I’ve been under medication initially Within Asia as i live in Asia, since the beginning.
    some years ago there aren’t any positive result so far,
    Therefore I stopped for few years I guess…and now I’m currently applying Taiwanese Creams, which is product of Philippines.
    I’ve been medication in India, especially. And applyed some cream from Bangkok and Singapore before but there aren’t positive result as well.
    Lastly can you please reply the removal cream name and etc. ?
    Thank you very much for you time!

  43. Lourdes Villarama says:

    Hi. I have my syringoma cauterized last wednesday. Do i have to use anti scar cream? I remember when I had it ten years ago, my derma gave me contractubex. Tnx and God bless.

  44. Marfel says:

    i have the same problem about syringoma, every other year i asked the dermatologist to remove it. unfortunately no positive results especially the last time (only last june 27,2013) it gets even worst, more and bigger! It is a nightmare for me since the laser treatment is very very expensive and it has no favorable results.
    i am planning to do it again here (last time was in the Philippines), but i am not sure if i can do it now since the redness frm the last treatment was still there. please advise! thanks!

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi Marfel, in your case I would suggest that you seek a different approach to treatment since you’ve tried laser many times. Perhaps you can ask your dermatologist for creams instead.

  45. Marjorie Lopez says:

    Dr. Blight,
    I had a laser removal on syringomas three weeks ago. The scabs fell off within five days but there are still red raised bumps where two syringomas were treated. They are actually larger than the original syringomas and look worse. Is this normal after three weeks or is this scarring? Will the redness disappear and will the swelling go down?
    I have a 5-week follow-up appointment with my doctor but should I be concerned since it looks this way after 3 weeks?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      A completely removed syringoma should go flat and without marked swelling after treatment. If it appears red with swelling like yours, I would think that a bump was still accidentally left behind, meaning the laser didn’t completely remove it. Don’t worry about it, just have it done again on follow up.

  46. marecho says:

    I have syringoma since I was the age of 8 and it starts with only one bump and it spreads on my face and neck. As what I’ve observe this skin problem occurred many when I’m stress and specially when I don’t get a face wash at night. Sometimes it is obvious when I don’t get a good sleep and I can observe that.

  47. Ashok says:

    Hi Dr. Blight,

    Thanks for sharing all your valuable comments on the tratement for syringoma, I want to know what are the main cause of the issue so that it can be prevented further to grow after CO2 treatment, cauterization, electrodessication or dermabrasion. Is it a gentic disorder? Can the expected mother’s baby affected by it or not.

  48. johjan says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have syringoma also, I leave in United Arab Emirates Dubai, may I know where to find or buy creams to prevent or remove syringoma doc, please gave me any brand names for syringoma removal and prevention and does chocolate and coffee are not advisable to eat if you have syringoma, hope ull response to my message to you doc. Please

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Coffee and chocolate don’t really have significant effects on syringoma..brands available are Naturalis and Nevi-Skin.

  49. Mr. Mudhoo Roshan says:

    Hi Dr

    actually i have the problem of syringoma and i am using the locacid cream. does this will help me.

    many thanks for your advice

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Locacid is tretinoin cream and good for resurfacing the skin. It’s going to give you a better complexion but it will have minimal effects on the syringoma. Use creams that are made for syringoma like Nevi-skin, Naturalis, etc.

  50. Jeremy says:

    Hi Dr.Blight,
    I am a 39 year old white male living in Texas. I started getting Syringoma under my eyes just 2 years ago. Being an airline pilot, I am in public a lot and was initially very concerned. I went to my Dermatologist, who told me they were genetic and there was nothing I could do about them as far as permanent removal. I went through the electro desiccation method, but more came back within 6 months. I made another visit to the doc who burned away again. She also sold me some prescription Retinol cream and said that it would help prevent Syringoma from forming. Another 6 months later and the Syringoma have come back more than ever. I am heading back for another zapping on Monday.

    I don’t mind the pain much. The cost is simply the copay for my visit ($50), so that’s not bad. I usually tactfully schedule the procedure so I have 4-5 days off so I can hide while the scabs go away.

    My questions:
    1) I have given thought to trying some of the creams. Which would you reccomend the most?
    2) No sibling, parent, grand parent, or any other relative has Syringoma. How am I the only one?
    Thanks for taking the time to write this article and continue to answer questions!

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Jeremy, thank you for asking. Well, there are a number of creams like Nevi-skin, Naturalis, etc…but unfortunately I cannot compare which is more effective. I’m sure your dermatologist can recommend brands available in your place and besides they have the more potent stuff that they can give you in their clinics.

      For the second question, it is genetic. Perhaps you should take a closer look at your relatives. Or you could be the lucky one–the first to manifest it; your kids/future kids/descendants will then have syringoma.

      Anyways, hope you can try out the creams then give us some feedback on what brand you tried. Hope this helped.

  51. alle says:

    doc . if we removed my syringoma . will come back again? and more more or bigger syringoma .. do you have solusyon not to come back again syringoma ?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Some syringomas do come back, not necessarily bigger. I guess the better solution is to have it excised. But then it can start or develop in other areas of the skin too.

  52. chris says:

    Has anyone ever had them cut out? My dermatologist did a biopsy, cutting a small piece of my skin out. His recommendation was to continue to cut small pieces out and let the skin heal. The part he cut out healed fine. Wondering if anyone else had this done. Mine are located under my eyes.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Sure, some doctors excise the whole thing. The benefit of that is it removes the whole tumorous gland. Some disadvantage is that it heals a little slower (because a chunk was taken off compared to lasers) and can possibly leave a dent or depression. But most of the time, like yours, the wound heals completely. I’m glad to hear that your procedure went well and healing was fine too:)

  53. Raisa says:

    why am I having syringoma? none of my family member or even any of my known one has this skin problem… i have these tumors at arm, neck and upper portion of cheast…. is the cause is genetical or hormonal or what??? i m now removing those by CO2 laser….i thought they would never come back,,,,bt by reading previous comments i hv come to knw they can come back! i m really scared now…. pls ans to my qstn doc, why it has happened to me?

  54. sonia says:

    Is nt there nny permanent treatment for ds syringomas…..had electrodessication a week ago!!! not much painful, will ds repeat again? dnt tel me its going 2 b for a lifetime! 🙁 sonia

  55. Chaitanya Gupta says:

    Hi, m from india.. after visiting so many doctors over here i finally got to know.. what do i have under my eye. i.e. syringoma
    N i got on to dis page… i read about co2 laser treatment.
    Dr.blight i just wanna know if there is any clinic in india which has this treatment if not then please send me the link for best clinic which has co2 laser treatment.
    Jan you said above that u just got rid of your syringomas and you are satisfied with the treatment.. so please let me know.. from where did you get this treatment done.

  56. kai says:

    hi i had syringoma since i was 12 now i m 35 and its getting really bed does any insurance covers the treatment since there are new laws about the health care insurance

  57. May Brand says:

    I had electrodissecation and curretage on 13 Dec 2013 . UNFORTUNATELY, at this writing I still have the brownish scar from this treatment. What cream should I used to get rid of these scars.

    I lost my syringoma and now replaced with these brownish spots.

  58. Megan says:

    Doctor please help me out! I’ve been seeing this doctor nearly a year now but with no better progress. I don’t have syringoma under eyes, I have on upper pubic area and I was told to apply a cream called Differin XP. It burns and made my skin red and itch and I end up scratching them and bleed ㅜㅠ Please help! Should I look for another doctor or am I applying wrong cream?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Differin is a form of tretinoin and is commonly used for syringoma. What you’re experiencing is a typical side effect of tretinoin because they promote faster skin turnover; they are keratolytic and are supposed to make skin thinner and smoother. What you can do is apply it in a thinner coat, use it less often or apply it less closer to mucous membranes (mouth, eyes, or in your case vaginal area). Differin actually helps so do utilize the tips I’ve given and if symptoms still persists, visit your doctor so he/she can change your cream to a smaller concentration.

  59. thandi says:

    Hi Dr,

    been reading about our condition. I feel hopeless. I have had mine for over 9years now and i have tried to turn a blind eye, but it’s only getting worse. It used to be just under the eye, but now its the forehead and the whole cheek. Unfortunately in my country, i will not be able to access treatments. The ones on my face are so many and very small. I worry a lot now, how will i look like in 10years from now. Desperate for a miracle. I can’t stand it when people ask me what is wrong with my face.

  60. Funmi says:

    Please can anyone who has tried either naturalis or nevi-skin provide feedback? Need to buy either but waiting for a recommendation on the better product.


  61. Liza says:

    Hi Dr. Blight. I am considering doing combination of treatments for my syringoma. I will start out with the CO2 laser & then have the cream applied. My question is how soon after can I apply the cream. I am currently visiting the Philippines for two weeks. Thank you.

  62. thea says:

    Hi doc, i am a Tanzanian lady aged 35 years old living with syringoma for about 30 years. I was told they started when i was about 4-5 years around my neck and kept on spreading to other parts like on the fore head, around the eyes, on the arms, chest, thighs and now is almost every parts of my body. I tried many treatments like retinol creams, chinese and koryos medicines unsuccessful. I also use catarization but most of them re ocurred. The doc told me that the treatment is hard because they have spread at large. For sure am sick and tired with the problem because as time goes on they spread higher and higher. Could you advise me what to do doc, sorry for more words in the explanation.

  63. huma says:

    Hello Doctor , iam suffering from syringoma around my eyes and my mom also i am located in Dubai and went to dermatologist but as per the doctor there is no treatment for that ?? can you help and advice any treatment or clinic since its spreading all over my eyes now 🙁

    • Dr. Blight says:

      There are treatments for syringoma. What your doctor meant was that there are no PERMANENT treatments. Laser removal are quite popular and effective and the syringoma returns after maybe 2 years (according to some who have experienced it). Treatments are definitely worth a shot because they do disappear for some time.

  64. Ms. Smith says:

    Please help me because I have Syringoma on forehead and cheeks..People believe that I have acne. This disease has affected my self-esteem. I am 56 years old and it was only diagnosed three years ago. thankfully, because I was being treated for Acne…I live near Grand Rapids, Mi or willing to travel to Metro Detroit, MI area for a doctor who specializes in this condition.


  65. maeg says:

    hello dr,blight,
    I have syringoma under my eyes and top of my eyelids. my question is will the treatment like the CO2laser affect my eyes?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      If you mean eyesight, well, no. As for skin surrounding the eyes, it may or may not leave scabs/scar but these will fade away in a while.

  66. Jolly Ann Escalona (Ph) says:

    Hello, Dr. Blight. Im an 18 year-old lady and Im stressed because of thinking how my syringoma can be treated in a natural way. Can you help me ? 🙁

  67. PATRICIA DUNGO says:

    Hello Doctor!
    A year ago i posted my concern about my cautery scars visible on my face (it left holes in my face majorly under my eyes). What kind of scar removing cream do you suggest for me to us in order to remove it. Please Help! Thanks! God bless.

  68. Ato Naga says:

    Hey! Dr. Blight,
    I have lots of syringomas around my eyes, forehead and checks as well. So, if I do plastic surgery, do they be visible or come out again? Your suggestions will be nightly appreciate.

  69. Liean says:

    I think diet has nothing to do with syringoma . It’s hereditary. My mom has so all of us her children 6 siblings have this skin problem. I had mine treated the 1st time using Electrodessication and curettage last Nov of 2008 and went just fine. It cost me around $150.00 including sunscreen and some med to take after the treatment. It was a little painful but it’s worth it. It took about 2-3mos to completely heal and leaves couple small and light scars which was way better and scars fades eventually specially if you are going to use some lightening facial wash. The reoccurrence wasn’t till early 2012 so I had it retreated in September 2012 using the CO2 Laser Resurfacing. It cost me around $400.00 including the sunblock cream the doctor recommends. During the procedure , I should say , it was painless due to an anesthetic cream they applied to my face but as soon as it expires, then you can feel the pain and feels like your face is burning about an hour. My face was so red and bloody for 3-5days but after that, I see no scar nor wound on my face. It was a pinky, smooth, tight face I had afte that treatment. Now, I see some small bumps coming out on my face and it’s about 2yrs now since I had my last treatment.

    • Jane says:

      I had my syringoma cauterized on sept 12, its been two wks and the bumps are still there, they actually seem bigger and worse. Will they go away? Or do i have to get them cauterized again? You said 2-3 months before u healed? Do you think i need to wait the full 2-3 months. Any feed back is appreciated. Thks

      • Dr. Blight says:

        Please go back to your dermatologist so he/she can assess the condition properly (it’s hard to guess when I can’t see your skin). Then you’ll know if you have to have it cauterized again.

        • Jane says:

          Thanks for responding. I did go back on oct 17th, he said theres just no definite way of removing them. And asked me how much they bother me, they bother me alot. He did another treatment, some got smaller and some went away. Is there anyway to send you pictures?
          My dr also said, there is a risk of over cauterizing them, so he doesnt want to increase what hes using now, hes cauterizing them at the same level. And said he would continue to treat them to make them 50% better since he cannot make them go away 100%
          Any other advice? What should i put on them after they have been cauterized? Im going back again on Nov 21, 14.
          Thank u!!!

          • Dr. Blight says:

            Hi Jane. Your doctor’s absolutely correct. I think now what you need to watch out for are scars. Let scabs fall off naturally after cauterization and you don’t need to put anything other than the usual anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial creams some doctors prescribe. Once your skin is stable, some doctors prescribe tretinoin creams (not for pregnant patients though) to help keep the skin smooth. By the way, my email is

  70. Margaret says:

    About 2 years ago I started developing mild syringoma under my eye. About a week ago (on a Friday), I had the right side of my face treated with a hyfrecator at a local dermatologist. Cost me $200, hurt like hell and the scab just came off and I can still see a milder version of the syringoma in the same area. 3 days (on the Monday after I had the right side treated), I went to my local plastic surgeon’s office and had the left side of my face treated with a lam-probe (which I assumed was a similar concept as the hyfrecator). Techician numbed me so it did not hurt that much at all, only cost me $60 and the scabbing was light and minor. Looks SO much better than the other side of my face – syringoma appear to be completely gone. I am so glad I just happened to stumble on this other option via a friend over the weekend. I know how I will be handling this issue going forward. I plan to use my retin-a gel (.001%) in the interim to help and I also got some tea tree oil and manuka honey at Whole Foods, both of which I have heard touted on various sites.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Margaret. I have just been researching the lam-probe for syringoma when I came across your post. I hope you are still happy with your results. Did the syringoma come back? Was there any down time with it? I am almost finished recovering from a 40%TCA peel for individual syringoma under my eyes. I am pretty happy with the results, but am looking for different options for the future. Thank you in advance for your reply! 🙂

  71. cristina says:

    I was visited the dermatologist last time and i keep on asking to make a survey if wat will be the best treatment will it really good the cream only rather than to a laser treament?? How about the cream it will be leaving s scar or mole??the cream what are the effect after??

  72. Kevin says:

    Dr. Blight

    My girlfriend and their family have no syringoma in their family. I only have these syringomas. Is it somethng transmitable in terms of kissing or anything? Because after 2 years of being with her, some have appeared near her eyes. According to my doctor, it is deposition of fat that are not metabolized. According to the net, it is a non cancerous tumor. It is genetic but I’m really concern if it’s transmittable? Thank you 🙂

    • Dr. Blight says:

      You can be the first one in your family to have syringoma. And no, it is not infectious; you don’t get it through skin contact or kissing. However, what your doctor diagnosed you with is xanthoma which means fat or lipid that accumulated under the skin due to high levels of lipids in your body. I can’t really tell what it is you have (syringoma vs xanthoma) because I can’t see it personally. I’d say you should visit a dermatologist or if your doctor IS a dermatologist then well, visit her again…maybe she can prescribe lipid-lowering medicine for you. 🙂

  73. Dave says:

    It’s treated only and comes back because… DRUM ROLL please.

    It’s profitable. The doctors will never get rid of it as long as there’s MULAH

  74. Fhem says:

    Dr. Blight,
    I had a co2 laser removal on syringomas three weeks ago. The scabs fell off but it marks a hole and redness..i just want to ask if this hole will be possibly to remove,because its really look worst more than having syringoma.. Kindly help me..thank you..

    • Dr. Blight says:

      It’s been almost 2 months since you wrote this and I hope the ‘holes’ are fine now? They should be almost back to normal if you have a healthy skin condition. But if you still have bothersome holes now, go back to a doctor, he or she would be able to suggest use of some chemical peels or injectable fillers depending on the depth or severity of the holes.

  75. Net Quirit says:

    My syringoma was cautherized last dec 10,2014. Just want to ask if when will I expect or how fast syringoma will reoccur? How often the cautherization should be done.


    • Dr. Blight says:

      I’m sorry to say but there’s no definite time of recurrence. It may be a month, three months or six months..who knows. Repeating cauterization is also done on case to case basis…the doctor will assess if your skin can take it because some patients just get scars faster or have thinner skin. Hope this helped.

  76. K. says:

    Dr Blight
    My mother and I both suffer from syringoma . She began to get them only in her mid thirties but i got them as early as 13 or 14 (i am 22 now). I moved to a much hotter place about 3 years back with increased exposure to sun and I feel like this has aggravated the syringoma. Is that likely? I suffer from mild hormonal imbalance (in case that’s relavent) .
    Most importantly I wanted to know if treating it can actually cause it to worsen or ‘multiply’ as so many comments mention (apart from the risk of scarring) .
    Thank you 🙂

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi K. Yes, heat does (indirectly) aggravate the condition because more ducts will be blocked due to increased sweating (sweat glands) and oil production (sebaceous glands). Some people also experience itching because of heat/humidity. All these make the bumps more noticeable. Regarding your hormonal imbalance, I’m not sure what you mean by them because they could suggest a lot of different diagnoses. Hormones could mean neuroendocrine hormones, sex hormones, stress hormones, etc. Some drugs used to treat psych conditions have side effects that may lead to changes in sex hormones (which affect syringoma). Now, about your last question…I can’t really say if they are multiplying (because no one really counted). But what I’m sure of is that they come back after some time.
      I hope this helped.

  77. Sherry says:

    I too have these under my eyes. I recently started using coconut oil and a bit of wild orange oil for wrinkles. My husband asked me what I was doing to them. He noticed they were getting flatter and less noticeable. I thought my wrinkles were getting better…LOL!
    I just wondered what might be in this mixture that could be helping? They have not gone away, just less noticeable. I’m pretty excited!

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi Sherry, I’m glad the oils worked for your wrinkles. However, I haven’t found published data regarding these oils and their use for syringoma. I think what happened is that the mixture of oils makes your skin look plumper and by doing so, it kind of hides away the bumps. I’m still happy that at least they’re not that visible.

  78. Debra Pike says:

    I noticed all these little bumps under my eyes in 1995. No dermatologist could say what they were. I now know they are Syringomas by my own research. They are under my eyes and 3 on my forehead. I am olive colored. Now, I found out I had a long illness from 1994 until 2002 undiagnosed. It was Cushing’s disease, and this causes the pituitary to tell the adrenal cortex to put out too much cortisol, a stress hormone. Just wondering about this the past years. I believe I am going to get one of the creams and try it at home.

  79. Ozo says:

    Hi everyoe with whom i share this condition-Syringoma, i have to say we are unfortunate to be predisposed. Its hard to meet someone without that person having an astonishing gesture at your face let alone the thousands of questions you have to answer.i am 32 years old now and started developing them at 21 years while in medical sch. I visited a demertologist who advised me not to disturb them because they would spread very fast. I listened to his advise but without disturbing, the whole of my face is almost taken up now. Over the years, i realised that if am stressed up and have limited sleep, the bumps enlarge and even new ones grow up. Also, exposure to heat makes them grow bigger because the sweat generated by heat which under normal circumstances would get out is trapped as a result of the blocked ducts. I have not tried the surgical methods of removal but cream seems not to be helping as the bumps ars still there after asevral months. Also they have made face with horrible dark and norml skin colour spots. My advise to you all therefore is that, if you still have countable numbers, be happy to live with them, we will die of other conditions rathdr than syringoma although we by comparison, look 10 years older than our agemates. Let us avoid hot enrirments- weather conditions. Thanks!!!

  80. Malaika says:

    Hello. I’ve had syringoma most of my life. I’ve accepted them as part of who I am but I would be more confident if they were not there. I’m determined now to find a solution. My questions are,

    1) Which method for removal is best for African American skin, prone to keloid.
    2) Would any of the natural cures be affective for Afican American skin (apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, etc)?
    3) How can I find a good Dermatologist in my area who is very knowledgeable in this area and the nuances of African American skin – I do not want to go through unnecessary trial and error with the skin on my face.

    Any guidance you can provide would be most appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi Malaika. Well, to answer your questions:
      1) Avoid traumatic procedures (cauterization, incisions, etc). Go with the creams first: tretinoin/retinoic acid creams.
      2) I honestly don’t think the natural cures work for any of the skin types. We don’t know how these stuff work (if they do) because there were no studies done with them.
      3) I think there are a lot of online info regarding dermatologists in each state. The sites will contain their specializations too.
      Hope this helped. 🙂

  81. Ammu says:

    Hi docter i went to many docters and two of them said its milea and other two told its syringoma how wil i confirm whats their difference ? I too have the same around my eyes if i do cauterization wil it be cured and hw long its take to remove the marks

    • Dr. Blight says:

      The only way to definitely know what they are is to do a biopsy. However, since milia and syringoma are benign conditions, most doctors refrain from doing the biopsy to avoid bleeding, pain, and potential scarring. Cauterization can treat both of them but some lesions will return. It’s going to take several days to a few weeks for the cauterization marks to resolve, depending on your skin condition.

  82. Eileen says:

    Hi Dr. Blight. I’ve been dealing with syringoma since a young age. I mostly have it under my eyes. I go for cautery treatments all those years and I had no problem. Its only this last cautery done almost two months ago, it just left a red to a more brownish mark, it feels flat though. The fading is taking longer to disappear this time. My cautery was done in the Philippines when I took a vacation. Its the same clinic I go since I was young. Please kindly need your advice. Thank you.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi, Eileen. I can’t tell for sure what those marks are without actually seeing them. It could be incomplete cauterization, or excessively deep cauterization, or a scar, or a new skin lesion…it depends on the duration and persistence of the symptom. If it’s any benign condition, it should heal on its own. But if it’s still there now, please have it checked by a dermatologist. Hope this helped!

  83. Lily says:

    Dear Dr. Blight, I just had Syringonia cauterized yesterday Oct. 22, 2015. I have the same question with Mr. Hero. Should I not expose to sun and heat? As you know Dr. Blight Philippines is very heated warm country. I got sweat over my face I think coming out from my head. Will the wiping of the sweat help prevent the growth of Syringonia? Thank you Dr. Blight, like and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi, Lily. Well, in general, sun is not good for the skin. So use sun protection especially if you’re applying tretinoin to the syringoma. If it’s just cautery, then use the usual sun protection lotion as you do (hopefully) in your daily skin care regimen. Keeping the sweat off won’t really help prevent recurrence of syringoma, but will help decrease aggravation.

  84. Joy says:

    i’m from Philippines. I also have syringoma undEr my eyes and my forehead. Now it is starting oN my Neck.It started when i was in highschool. Now îm 23 and it really affects my confidence . Sometimes i just stay in the house instead of roaming around when i’m nOt at work. I’ve researched this and there were home remedies that we could try to apply like LemOn and Potato. but according to the article it wouldn’t be that fast to heal. I never tried to consult a dermatologist since i believe it’s very costly. buT accdg. to a doctor i’ve encountered from my medical check up i nid to coNsult and remove this since it will invade my face and neck. I want to try the cream instead.

  85. lei says:

    I had my cautery last jan 14, 2016 and up until now (2 months after), the post-cautery marks are still dermatologist is saying that these will be soon gone as these are temporary. She gave me whitening & lightening creams. Will these dark spots really be gone? I’m worried that they would be permanent marks on my face.

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Just keep using the creams as prescribed but please go back to your doctor if the spots are persistently there. She may need to prescribe or do some other procedure for the spots.

  86. catherine says:

    Hello Dr. Blight, where can I avail Naturalis Products here in UAE? I really want to remove this syringoma. Hope you can help me. Thanks. 🙂

  87. mp3juice says:

    Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Firefox, it looks fine
    but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, excellent

  88. lisa says:

    i was the same problem about syringoma, in every other year i asked the dermatologist to remove it. unfortunately no positive results especially the last time (in Nov 18, 2015) it gets worst, more and bigger! It was a nightmare for me since the laser treatment is very very expensive and it has no favorable results. two months ago i found a traditional herbalist from health forum, i took his email and contacted him, after some conversation he send me the cure for syringoma which i use to cure them. every pumps big & small they all cleared off. i’m happy that i got ride to syringoma. here is the email to contact the herbalist online.

    • Irini says:


      Hi Lisa,
      Your post sounds very promising, and has given me a bit of hope that there is something out there that could potentially work. I have suffered from syringoma since the age of 2yrs, Iam now 24yrs, my case is very severe, and is rapidly spreading… I have emailed the herbalist and is waiting for a response, so thank you for sharing it, but in the meantime, I’m eager to find out more about you own personal experience with this treatment, if you don’t mind, as I have tried most of the above mentioned treatments. Thank you

  89. Utiuaa says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am just wondering if radiofrequency is a effective method to treat syringoma. My dermatologist said it is safe and has low scar risk. However, i heard radiofrequency may not remove the root of syringoma, so the recurrence rate is high. Is this true? I hope you can help me.


    • Blythe says:

      Radiofrequency ablation is one of the better treatment options for syringoma. Recurrence is common with a lot of treatment options; but with radiofrequency ablation, a study showed no recurrence within 6 months (I don’t know if that study reassessed the patients after 6 months, so the duration could actually be longer). I think it’s worth the try and you should talk more with your dermatologist. I’m sure she has a lot to say about this. Hope this helped. 🙂

  90. Fran says:


    Can you tell me if argan oil will cause more syringomas? It helps keep my dry skin smooth but worried if it will make my condition worse by creating new ones. I was reading that argan oil doesn’t clog pores but wanted to make sure with a professional.

  91. Irene says:

    Hello.does nano elixial cream can get rid off syringgoma? someone offer me to buy it and tell me that it can really works for get away syringgoma. Anyone familiar for this cream?

  92. Juliana says:

    Just had my radiofrequency done 4 days ago. It formed scabs the second day and they are healing nicely. I’m using a vitamin c serum to avoid scars. Will keep you guys updated. My dermatologist told me that with radiofrequency the syringomas wont return in the spots treated. But can appear in other places (not treated).

    We will see what happens…

  93. Juliana says:

    I’m back with updates!

    My radiofrequency session went well and some syringomas are gone, and most of them are smaller but still there. I am going for another session next month and once again I will keep you guys updated.

    I’ve seen good results with Agnes radiofrequency, so I’m really hoping this can help me.

  94. Anna says:

    Hi Doc..its safe to use vaseline petroluem jelly on cautaurized syringoma wounds before and after scabs are fall off to moisturized after washing my face with mild soap..thank you so much…

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