Hair Care Regimen

Oily hair becomes a bigger problem every summer. Instead of treating it by simply washing away the oil, I recommend you use a combination of hair products that will regulate your oil production. First thing people think when they feel that their hair is sticky and heavy is that it’s a problem of oil overproduction. However, most of the time, it’s not. It’s more of the rate or rush of oil out on dry skin that makes us feel uncomfortable rather than the quantity of oil.

People with thin light hair like me notice oiliness faster than those with thicker strands. A simple change in weight and clustering of strands at the top of your head are signs. If you think you have this problem, the first thing to do is check for the following: is there excessive dandruff? Is there a lot of flaking? Do you feel itchy? Any redness? If yes, then use a shampoo with ketoconazole first. Nizoral’s a good brand. This type of medicated shampoo eliminates fungal infection that causes the said symptoms and possibly the oiliness. Once you’re sure it’s not fungal infection that you have, you can now try this shampoo regimen: a conditioning shampoo, an anti-dandruff shampoo and a clarifying shampoo. Using these 3 stuff at the right time is key to having easy, soft and manageable hair.

1.       Conditioning shampoo – use this everyday. After wetting your hair, rub it gently on your scalp and spread some down to your hair tips (it’s more important to get it on your scalp). Place your head directly under a warm shower and check if you can run your fingers through your hair without them getting tangled. If your conditioning shampoo does this for you, stick to it. It doesn’t matter what brand you use—L’oreal, Garnier, Pantene, Herbal Essences—as long as you’re sure it makes your hair soft. I personally use Rejoice, a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner plus it has hot oil essence. It’s okay if you think your conditioning shampoo will eventually bog your hair down, that’s part of their job and that’s why you have to have your clarifying shampoo at hand.

2.       Clarifying shampoo – this is supposed to clean residue from your everyday conditioning shampoo. Choose one that doesn’t overly dry your hair. To try this, use it (buy the smallest bottle or sachet if available) alone and change brands if your hair feels crazily dry and tangled after wards. If you’ve found the clarifying shampoo that works for you, use it right before your conditioning shampoo and use it only if you feel your hair needs to be a little lighter and cleaner. If you live in a hot polluted city in summer, you probably need to use this at least 3 times a week. I use Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for this simply because it’s cheap and it works according to its claims.

3.       Anti-dandruff shampoo – this adds up to your grocery expenses but believe me, it is indispensable. Try to buy this in the smallest amount because you won’t need it often anyways. Choose the one with the most menthol for cooling effect and you can use it in exchange for your conditioning shampoo. Don’t worry, most dandruff shampoos I’ve tried don’t dry the hair and it can pass for a day or two of lost hair conditioning. Remember the 2 points of using anti-dandruff shampoos: use it only when you feel that your scalp is itchy (an unfortunate but expected effect of pollution) and use it only for one or two days at a time. One more day of usage and you’ll get heavy weird-smelling hair.

Try out this hair care regimen and stick to it if your chosen brands work. Of course, there’s no harm in changing brands every now and then…(especially if the advertisement looks enticingly good)…but remember to always go back to the products that deliver! Have fun in rediscovering your hair 🙂


  1. Dr. Blight says:

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. The first thing to do to treat dandruff and associated hair falls is using anti-dandruff shampoo. Nizoral is a very popular product and the active ingredient is ketoconazole. Use it for a few days (or probably a week) and you’ll see it’s effective in getting rid of the itchiness and flakes. Next thing you need once itchiness is gone is to use a nice shampoo that will not overly dry the hair and that will prevent breakage. Dove is a good brand, especially the intensive repair line. Hair became softer (hence no tangles and accidental pulling of hair) and stronger. For complete hair care instructions, you can visit my article Hair Care Regimen.

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