Eyebrows 101

Defining Your Eyebrows

Women tend to neglect the eyebrows and focus instead on eye, lip and cheek make-up. Nowadays this has changed. The eyebrow provides a look with an overall feel and finish. It defines a look—whether it’s a mature or baby-face style of make-up or any other style you wish to recreate.


audrey-hepburn-mark-shaw-3-520x559Thick with minimal to no arch
At the top of the list is of course, the actress Audrey Hepburn. Her eyebrows are always drawn in a thick, strong and straight line. This style would make any woman look smart, firm but kind as well. Kind? Well yes. That’s because the minimal arch provides flair but will not make you look too tough, surly or old.









2011 Art Of Elysium "Heaven" Gala - Red CarpetThick with medium arch
Camilla Belle. Thick arched eyebrows complete her gorgeous look. The medium arch makes any woman look young and mature at the same time and ends up giving you the ‘I’m-young-but-already-successful -and-wise’ look.









angelinaThick with high arch
This reminds me of Angelina Jolie. High-arched eyebrows equal strength and maturity. However, it makes a woman appear scary at times if it’s too high.







Megan-Fox-eyebrows-beforeThin with high arch
Thin eyebrows aren’t really in season for several years now. But here’s Megan Fox years ago with crazy thin and highly arched eyebrows—the two things you don’t really want when you’re a fashionista.








Eyebrow shapes are generally easy to get. Straight says young and calm. Raised says mature and ‘think twice before coming near me’. I’m not saying one is better than the other; I’m saying you can use each style when you are at an appropriate situation or mood. Let’s compare using Camilla Belle. Picture A with minimal to no arch makes her look a lot younger while her medium arch in picture B gives a totally different impression of intelligence and maturity.

thick flat

East Asian cosmetics also follow this trend in thick eyebrows and minimal to medium arch. Pop singers look younger and fresher with thick straight eyebrow lines.


When it comes to eyebrow thickness, the fuller the shape, the younger you look. But of course you must strike a balance otherwise you’d end up like Pamela Anderson and Demi Lovato. Too thin versus too thick. Enough said.

too thin 2

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