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  1. takashi kitahara says:

    Hi Doc I have a 11 keloids and 3 are Very Large. Do you know any Dr. use your same co2 laser surgery device in south australia? Thanks for replying

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  4. Dani says:

    I was wondering your thoughts on a do it yourself device being sold as a “Mole Remover Pen.” It seems to be an at home electric cautery type device, to treat syringomas yourself at home. Do you think someone could effectively treat syringomas around the eyes and face using such a device? They are being sold on Amazon and other sites. Thank you.

    • Blythe says:

      Hi, Dani! Thanks for the question.
      Keep in mind that syringomas can turn out to be milia, which dermatologist can just excise by using a small needle prick (maybe you don’t need cautery after all). Or it can be xanthelasma which can require a more extensive procedure especially if big.
      Also, when using cautery devices, you need either a topical anesthesia or a local injectable anesthesia depending on the size of the lesion. If you have this done at a dermatologist’s clinic, then the procedure’s going to be pain-free. However, if you choose to do it at home with the device, you’ll just have to bear the pain and guess the skin depth at which you have to have to apply the current. If you’re okay with those disadvantages then sure, home devices can work. BUT for moles, always consult a dermatologist because it can be benign, malignant, or many other things. So when buying home/do-it-yourself devices, just make a mental note of these advantages and disadvantages to guide your purchases.

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