What is BB Cream?

Believe it or not, BB cream is quickly replacing powder/cream foundation…and half of the world didn’t even see it coming. What’s so great about the Blemish Balm anyways?

First is its advertising, of course. Simply put a flawless actress (or actor) and a beauty product together in a TV commercial and voila! People believe it. People buy it. It’s amazing what advertising can do to boost sales. And although it did not originate from Asia, the BB cream is now enjoying its most popular status in the Eastern countries like Japan, Korea and China.

Second: it delivers. For a product that promises a lot of things, including blemish coverage, sun protection, moisturizer and primer, it actually delivers on all of them. Here are some qualities of BB cream that endear it to cosmetics lovers!

Easy application: It’s easy because it’s smooth and light and it doesn’t clump up like old cakey foundations. There are also roller BB creams available now!

Coverage: Covering dark spots are also a problem with older types of foundation because it looks too obvious. With BB cream, the coverage is sufficient enough to keep unwanted spots out of the limelight but not so much that people would notice that you did actually put something on your face. However, some people may consider this as a downside because BB cream cannot completely cover dark under eye circles.

Glow: the x-factor people look for in choosing face products is the glow it gives you. That’s why there are cosmetic lines that actually focus on providing glitter and glow base to the skin. Some have pearls to give you that radiant glow with a diamond-like fine glitter. And by the way, glow does not equal whiteness. With BB cream, the glow you get is that of youth and not the pale whitish effect you get from other products.

Sun protection: a lot of BB creams, if not all, have SPF in them.  They go as high as 42 like Missha’s Perfect Cover BB cream or 50 like the Gold Caviar BB cream. That’s why it is really compatible with day and outdoor wear.

Moisturizer: BB cream effectively seals in moisture like other creams. Some ingredients that render moisturizing effects include olive essence, lipid and amino acid complex, and Ginko water.

Foundation: not only does BB cream cover well, but it also acts as a foundation. Different colors and tints are available to suit the skin color of both Asians and non-Asians.

With all these effects put into one tube, it’s definitely worth trying! Taking into account its cost-effectiveness, BB cream is also better than other skin foundations.


  1. denise johnson says:

    December 12. 2012

    Hi! I am a mid-fifties african-american woman with dry skin. My skin has always been even-toned with no acne or any discolorations. However, I find with age and some personal difficulties over the past five years (homelessness, joblessness, stroke survivor etc.,) it has changed and become dryer and quite blotchy. Do you have any recommendations…and would BB Creame help. If so, could you recommend a brand.

    P.S. I’ve never had to wear foundation or power to work during the day, only for night outings.

    Thanks every so much for any information and suggestions.


    • Dr. Blight says:

      First of all, congratulations for having survived stroke and other life problems:) Your worst enemy here are your daily stressors. BB cream would definitely help but you should also be watchful of what you eat and drink as well. I know it sounds redundant but you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Choose BB cream with sunscreen and of course it should match your skin color perfectly; I haven’t tried many BB creams but I guess Estee Lauder is fine. Wash your face at least twice a day with a facial wash/foam of your choosing; use facial scrub once a week at most. I actually just scrub once or twice a month with apricot scrub from St. Ives. The scrub will give you a very soft finish 🙂 At night, make sure your face is clean (wipe/wash off make up), then apply a moisturizer every night. Do this routine daily and try to relax and get more sleep. Hope this helps!:)

  2. Evelyn Simmons says:

    I am 57 years young, I have oily skin in the T-Zone area, I need a foundation that will give and maintain that matte look at least 8 hours. Can a bb cream help?

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Sure, BB creams also come in moisturizing or matte form…for example, the CC cream from Korean brand Etude House is available in Silky (for oily skin) and Glow (for dry skin). CC cream is like a BB cream but with more functions such as SPF, anti-aging, primer, etc. Or if you already have a BB cream, just apply powder foundation over it, this should keep it matte.

  3. TINA KINSLER says:

    dear Dr, Blight my name is MRS KINSLER AND IM 44 YEARS OLD AND MY FACE SKIN IS AGE I WANT TO SEE IF YOU CAN HELP ME WITH DRAK RINGS AROUND MY EYES MY FACE AND BACK NICK Dr Blight I was takin tetracycllin for my face and a retin a cream the tetracyclin I was takin pills for my face I really want to see if you can help me I want to feel young again and look young again. I HAVE OILY SKIN

    • Dr. Blight says:

      Hi Tina, sorry to hear about your troubles. I’m assuming that you’re taking the tetracyclin and Retin-a for acne? Has your acne resolved yet? It’s better to address your other skin concerns once the acne has cleared. I would just like to inform you that there are products out there that help relax the muscles around your eyes which lead to smoother, lighter-looking skin. This will lessen the appearance of under eye circles. An example would be the argireline peptide (many brands out there, too). Hope this helped.

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