5 Reasons Why You Need This Eyeliner

Seeing a woman with running or smudged makeup is quite unsightly—unless they’re acting in a drama, in that case, a teary messy look is necessary. But for most of us ordinary people, a weather proof makeup is essential to keep us from wasting time doing touch-ups.

One very important part of our makeup is the eyeliner. After trying multiple waterproof products, I found out they eventually smudged anyway.  To cut to the chase, I tried this wonderful gel-type waterproof eyeliner that glides as smooth as silk. It’s from Tony Moly (a South Korean brand) and it’s called Perfect Eyes Gel Fit Waterproof Liner.


Here are the 5 reasons to love this liner!

Reason # 1: It’s GEL! I love this fact because it means it’s really easy to apply and it doesn’t hurt when you attempt to spread it across your eyelid like other pencils.

Reason # 2: Built-in tools! This eyeliner comes in a twist-type container and pencils of this type cannot be sharpened right? Well, this smart eyeliner comes with a sharpener too. It’s a cone-shaped plastic tool that will give you that defined eyeliner you want.



Plus it also has a sponge tip you can use—when the liner hasn’t dried yet—to create a sort of smoky look. I have to tell you this eyeliner dries rather fast so work as quick as you can if you want to smudge it.

Reason # 3: When dry, it doesn’t show a sign of scattering anywhere no matter how many times you blink per second. This is important especially for monolids whose eyelids typically swallow up eyeliners. I also tried rubbing it with my finger but nothing happened. This is also perfect for people living in tropical or humid areas where moisture frequently beats our make up.

Reason # 4: It’s available in more than 10 different shades to complement your skin and eye color.  You can get it from all shades of brown to black to even pink!

Reason # 5: It’s very affordable!

And there you have it! My five reasons why you have to have to this eyeliner. I have no regrets buying this product.

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